Environmental Sustainability

When you book a stay with The Black Sheep Killarney, you’re choosing an accommodation provider dedicated to achieving carbon negativity in the next two years. Read how The Black Sheep is working to ensure that this captivating world can be enjoyed by generations to come and how you can help.

The Black Sheep and Sustainability

  • We produce 30% of our electricity with our onsite solar panels and the rest comes from external renewable sources.
  • We have a 30 foot polytunnel in the back garden where we grow our own vegetables and herbs
  • We keep chickens that are mainly fed food waste from the hostel kitchen.
  • We have an organic composting system used to enrich our hostel garden and polytunnel.
  • Our waste is segregated throughout the hostel to reduce the amount of waste going to land
  • We love to upcycle as you can see by our ecclectic furniture.
  • We strive to buy local where possible (70%).
  • We plant trees in a local farm where a rewilding of a man made forest is on ongoing project.
  • We encourage guests to use our rental bikes or public transport instead of their cars to get around the town and national park.
  • We offer a keep cup discount to all coffee shack customers.
  • We use fair trade coffee.
  • We use compostable takeaway cups.
  • We reuse our coffee grinds in the garden our give them to customers for their compost heaps.
  • We have a no disposable cup policy for our staff.
  • Any guest who arrives on bicycle gets a free tea/coffee/hot chocolate.


We are one minute walk from Killarney National Park and Killarney town centre.