Gap Of Dunloe Traditional Boat Tours

An Adult White-tailed Eagle hunting for fish for her young chicks Photo:Valerie O’Sullivan

The Gap of Dunloe boat trip has been in operation for 250 years and is considered Ireland’s oldest visitor excursion. The O’Donoghue brothers have a long tradition of boating experience passed down through generations on the Lakes of Killarney.

A mini adventure for young and old, you travel by boat through the majestic Lakes of Killarney. Enjoy the natural oak woodlands of the National Park, you may be lucky on the day to catch a glimpse of the white tailed eagles soaring over the mountains. Travel under the ‘Toothache Bridge’, Bricín Bridge and the Old Weir Bridge where the boat may be able to ‘shoot the rapids’.

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We are one minute walk from Killarney National Park and Killarney town centre.