The Kerry Way

Ultra Runner and charity fundraiser Kevin Leahy of the Black Sheep Hostel, Killarney. Photo: Valerie O’Sullivan/NO REPRO FEE

DISTANCE: 200+ KM | ASCENT: 4,000+ M | TIME: 8+ DAYS

The Kerry Way covers a wide variety of terrain, from the firm footing of tarmac roads to rugged mountainous countryside. The trail follows small roads commonly known to the Irish as ‘boreens’, long-abandoned coach roads and mass paths that are now overgrown but nonetheless quite firm underfoot. There are also sections that cross through forestry, national parks and farmland which can get quite boggy in places.

Anyone setting out to walk a long-distance trail such as The Kerry Way is embarking on a serious test of physical endurance. Our Walking Advice contains some useful safety tips and pointers and we strongly recommend that anyone thinking of embarking on this walk should take a few moments to read them and incorporate them in their pre-hike planning.



We are one minute walk from Killarney National Park and Killarney town centre.